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Rehab Thailand Resort At Better Life, we promote safe and trusting relationships in order to foster therapeutic alliances with our clients. Better Life provides online counselling, face to face counselling and also a residential counselling retreat service for health care and rehabilitation in our luxury resort.

We are a private family unit based in the Province of Sakon Nakhon, North East Thailand.

Health Care Rehabilitation Thailand
The Better Life Place Thailand Resort
Health Care Rehab Thailand
Better Life services do offer
free 30 minutes consultation.
The Better Life Place Thailand Resort

Online consultant

The Better Life Place Thailand Resort

Face to Face Counselling

The Better Life Place Thailand Resort

Counselling Retreat (2/3 Clients at a time)

Health Care Rehab Thailand

Bespoke Counselling Retreat Programme (14/21/28 days)

The Land of Smiles (Thailand), is blessed with lots of beautiful islands including scenic provinces and whilst you stay in any of the provinces or on any island, we will come to support you with a bespoke programme.

You can also be our guest in Sakon Nakhon where you can stay in one of our luxurious bungalows overlooking personal fishpond and a scenic view of rice fields in the Province of Sakhon Nakhon. We are sandwiched between Udon Thani and Sakon Nakhon airports with easy reach to Bangkok City.

We place the highest value on individualized treatment plans which are unique and custom tailored. Our retreat programme offers daily counselling sessions, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, assessment and support with your personal PT instructor & Massage Therapy. Our facility has a swimming pool, fishpond and an outdoor gym and our Nutritionist in consultation with your personal Chef will provide you with healthy meals.    

Some of our recreational activities include various temple visits, bike riding in the countryside, visits museums and tourists’ attractions in the main cities, private fishing trips.

As part of our care for individual privacy, BetterLife can offer exclusive use of our facilities where you would be the only client on site with full complimentary support from the team. 

BetterLife also offers support for family members thus ensuring you and your partner or any family member can stay with us in order to benefit from our health care and rehabilitation programme for families.

Always here

Meet Our Resident Therapist

Raymond Guddah is a British Citizen and originally from Ghana, West Africa. Raymond trained with various educational institutions in the UK and is a Registered Member of the British Association for Counsellors & Psychotherapists. Raymond has a profile in the directory of Therapists in ‘Psychology Today UK’.

Raymond is a qualified Psychodynamic & Addiction Therapist with background in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and has had trainings over the years in the field of addiction treatment thus including Sex Addiction, Recovery Coaching and introduction practice of Schema Therapy.

Raymond has over 10 years of experience working within the following sectors:

  • Mental Health Sector in the UK with clinics such as the Dene Hospital in West Sussex & Churchill London Clinic.
  • Psychoanalytic Counselling sector in the UK with Croydon Pastorial Foundation under the WPF Foundation.
  • Criminal Justice System with CRI in London as an Integrated Offender Manager, Drug Intervention Practitioner and also as an Aftercare Coordinator in the Borough of Barking, East London.
  • Asia Health Co. Ltd (DARA Rehab in Thailand) as an Addiction Therapist from 2011 to 2020.

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Our Special Services

Addiction Recovery / aftercare

Relationship conflict resolution

Stress management

coping with anxiety and depression

Challenging mal-adaptive behaviours

Massage, Holistic Health & Wellness Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Relapse Prevention Therapy

Relaxation Therapy

Health Care Rehab Thailand
UK & Europe Contact

Russell Martin

I met with Raymond in 2016 when I made the decision to seek the best chance for my recovery. Raymond has been instrumental in my recovery and still remains a source of support in my life. Raymond’s awareness, knowledge, skills and patience have helped me eliminate not only the physical dependence but also in addressing my behavioural issues.

It is an honour for me to support others embarking on similar journey and willing to introduce Raymond’s newly established facility and Rehab Thailand programme to those residing in the UK & Europe.

You may contact me on +44 7850 627978

Our Team

The Better Life Support Team

Personal Trainer

Team Support

Reflexologist Acupuncturist

Our Chef

Some Photos Of Our Resort

Our Facilities
The Better Life Place Thailand Resort


Training in our outdoor gym with your personal physical health trainer
The Better Life Place Thailand Resort

Close to Nature

Private & luxurious bungalow overlooking fishpond and extended view of picturesque rice fields
The Better Life Place Thailand Resort

Lake near by

Lots of lakes in the local area and your own private fishing pond
The Better Life Place Thailand Resort

Thai Local Area

We are in the countryside with lots of opportunities for walking, visits to temples and also experience local Thai lifestyles Rehab Thailand
The Better Life Place Thailand Resort

Swimming Pool

Access to private swimming pool and outdoor gym

better life centre

Thailand health care and rehabilitation Centre
Address: 519 moo 1, ban sai mun, sawang daen din, sakon nakhon, Thailand, 47110


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